LANL: National Security Magazine Now Has A Podcast


The National Security Science podcast, a spin-off of the magazine, brings you stories from the Weapons programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory—stories that show how innovative science and engineering are key to keeping America safe. Or, as we like to say, better science equals better security.

The first three episodes highlight different branches of our nuclear triad—the land, air, and sea-based components of America’s nuclear deterrent. Listen and subscribe anywhere you download podcasts.

“Better science equals better security.”
– NSS magazine


“A wealth of stealth” is written and read by Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Steeves, a senior Los Alamos Air Force Fellow and B-2 bomber pilot. Most of the nuclear weapons a B-2 can carry were designed at Los Alamos.


“A moment of glory” features Los Alamos Air Force Fellow Major Nicholas Edwards. As part of the Air Force’s 576th Test Squadron, Edwards test-launched unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles.


“Salt life” is written and read by Navy veteran and former Los Alamos employee Mark Levin. Learn what it’s like to serve on board an Ohio class submarine that has the ability to launch Los Alamos– designed nuclear weapons.