Thank You Los Alamos

Much deserved cheering from Western Area’s green and herbicide-free grass!  Courtesy photo

Vice Chair
Environmental Sustainability Board

Tonight (Tuesday Dec 14th) County Council unanimously accepted the Environmental Sustainability Board’s recommendation with Chair Randall Ryti’s amendment to have an explicit focus on the Integrative Pest Management. You can view agenda packet entry here along with the wording of Option 3 which was accepted

Huge thank you to everyone who gave their support and input on this over the past two months – you did it!! A big thank you to the Community Services Department staff for their time and work addressing the community’s concerns on this subject along the way! Thank you to the County Manager and to the County Councilors for their thoughtful consideration and support of this important issue! 

Councilor Robinson put it well when he said that in view of the amount of public support this recommendation has received, it in fact reflects a community value. I feel lucky to be part of this amazing community!

Thank you, Los Alamos!