LAHS Students Enjoy Finals Fill-up

Students enjoy a hot beverage as part of Finals Fill-Up at Los Alamos High School. Photo Courtesy LAPS

School counselors get hot drinks ready for students before the passing period between final exams. Photo Courtesy LAPS


While the countdown is on to Winter Break, and students finish the semester with final exams, the Los Alamos High School Counseling, Student Services and Administrative staff are offering a quick break with Finals Fill-Up. 

A tradition which started back in 2015, students are able to pick up a hot drink, either hot chocolate or hot cider, during the passing period between finals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Drinks are served in the Topper Freshman Academy and the lobby of A Wing. 

“We want to make sure students know they are supported and cheered on by all of us,” said Cristin Haake, one of the school counselors for juniors and seniors. “We are here to support and help, and want to make sure students are successful in completing their classes. It is a fun way to see and talk to students before the winter break and wish them well.”