Thoughts From The Farm: The Best Stories Aren’t Always Mine To Tell

Rutheron, New Mexico. Photo by Sage Faulkner


The best stories aren’t always mine to tell. Sometimes I try, anyway. I’m going to skirt this one namelessly, because there are just people that don’t need attention spent their way. In fact, the expectations they draw in the sand for themselves are stouter than most of us could draw out with heavy paper and black ink and they wouldn’t accept the admiration.

With that said, my favorite people are the ones that live good, that live so genuinely that you can’t help but open your eyes a little wider when they are around. Those that put others first and fill the cups full of those around them. And when they come into a room full of human shortcomings, manage to spread grace like it was the easiest thing to do? Those kind fill the emptiness and heat cold spots in tired hearts.

I’m so grateful for opportunities to witness grace, love and honesty woven together, spiraling around situations that easily could have less. Threads that bring strangers together, bound by the recognition of good and warmed by the witnessing of it. May you find some of this during your week, particularly as we enter the Christmas season. If you can’t find it, may you be it! May grace and goodness be yours, and flow through and to you.