Tell Council You Support The ESB’s Pesticide Reduction Recommendations

Pajarito Group Sierra Club

The Environmental Sustainability Board will present its pesticides-reduction recommendations to the County Council tonight. You’ve probably seen letter to the editor about the effort to ban global use of glyphosates. Interestingly enough, so has the Beyond Pesticides organization in Washington, DC. 

Glyphosate is an herbicide/pesticide used for killing weeds, but confirmed to cause some cancers in humans as well as killing pollinators. Eliminating pesticide/herbicide use is, indeed, a global issue.  Therefore, if our only objection to weed-control-by-spraying-poisons is spending tax dollars, then Los Alamos got a solution from Beyond Pesticides. The organization will train County employees on how to have a systematic/environmental approach to natural land care at no cost to us. Why not try it? No risk to us, right?

Here’s a link to the Beyond Pesticides program that they offered Los Alamos:

Please tell the County Council to support the ESB’s recommendation to limit glyphosate  If you don’t have the time to write them, the Sierra Club has a personal click for you at 

Thank you. You and the kids will love rolling in the grass.