Neighborhoods Invited To Sing ‘Silent Night’ Outside On Christmas Eve


Silent Night is one of the most beloved Christmas hymns around the world. It has brought people together and connected them even across enemy lines, as the famous Silent Night truce during World War I demonstrated. It has also traditionally ended Christmas Eve services as the congregation lit candles and sang together to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Last year when they were not able to gather in the sanctuary for worship, First United Methodist Church of Los Alamos, sent candles out to their members, along with the words to Silent Night, and invited them to invite them neighbors out into the street to gather and sing together.

The response they received was so positive that even though they will be gathering for Christmas Eve worship at 5 pm and 7 pm on December 24, they are still inviting neighbors to gather together outside their homes to sing Silent Night at 8:30. 

If you would like to participate and start a new tradition in your neighborhood, you are encouraged to stop by the church at 715 Diamond Drive and pick-up packs of candles which will be located outside the front door, and then deliver some to your neighbors and invite them to join in singing together. Each pack contains two candles and lyrics. If you need additional candles, please contact the church office at 662-6277. You may also simply use candles from your own home.

Help First UMC to help break up the darkness and bring light into the world, with prayers of peace, hope, joy and love.