Sometimes Christmas Hurts: First UMC Los Alamos To Offer Blue Christmas Service Dec. 21


The Christmas Season is not necessarily happy for everyone.   The constant refrain on the radio and television about the happiness of the Christmas season, about getting together with family and friends, reminds many people of what they have lost or have never had.  The anguish of broken relationships, the insecurity of unemployment, the weariness of ill health, the pain of isolation, the gut-wrenching loss of a child, the loneliness of no longer having a beloved spouse to share each day – all these can contribute to a feeling of being alone, of “feeling blue” in the midst of the society around us which seems bent on “being happy” and “celebrating.”  

There are years when we hurt at Christmas time and can’t get into the festivities as others seem able to do. It’s at such times that we need to make the space and take the time to acknowledge our sadness and concern.  We need to know that we are not alone. We need to know that it’s okay to be “blue” and to acknowledge that this time of the year can be painful.

Because of that reality, First United Methodist Church of Los Alamos will be offering a Blue Christmas service. Traditionally, Blue Christmas services are offered on or near the longest night of the year, December 21.  This coincides with the Advent season during which the Christian community prepares for the coming of Christ.  Together we proclaim the message that “Jesus Christ is the Light of the world; the Light no darkness can overcome.”  Blue Christmas serves as a word of comfort, hope and even joy for all, especially those who find themselves living in a land of deep darkness. 

So, if you are feeling “blue” this year, for whatever reason, First UMC invites you hope to the Blue Christmas service on Tuesday, December 21 at 6 pm.  A service to share and hear prayers, scripture and music that acknowledges that God is present for those who mourn, for those who struggle, for those who feel lost – and that God’s Word comes to shine light in our darkness. It ends with the traditional lighting of candles that brighten lives with the healing glow of comfort, courage and hope and the singing of Silent Night.

First UMC is located at 715 Diamond Drive, Los Alamos. Masks are required in worship. The service will also be streamed at or at Our doors are open to all, so please feel free to invite others to come with you, as your support, or if you know that they too are finding that sometimes Christmas hurts.