Atomic City Cannabis Company Business Quest Update And Thank You

Los Alamos

I want to personally thank the citizens of Los Alamos County, and surrounding communities for  their support of our Integrated Cannabis Microbusiness Quest — Atomic City Cannabis  Company! To all who publicly spoke at the County Council meeting held on December 7, 2021  — THANK YOU! Unfortunately, four County Councilors chose to ignore all the public  comments, supporting our home-based cannabiz quest, made at the meeting. The four  Councilors voted to adopt an extremely restrictive cannabis ordinance, especially with regard  to home-based businesses/occupations.  

Councilor Derkacs, in her column published December 9, 2021, says “by my  count, Council heard from 30 individual residents who opposed restrictions on retail sales  (some residents spoke at both public sessions and also sent emails). That’s 30 out of 15,078  registered voters or less than 0.2% of registered voters in the County.” First, she did not  mention a number representing the registered voters who support the restrictions – this seems  to be “cherry-picked” data to support her position on this matter. I asked, at the Council  meeting, for this information. No one on the Council replied with a number. I wanted to know  what was the ratio of oppose vs support for the restrictive ordinance they had just enacted. I  got crickets for an answer as they chose to ignore it. To that end, the Cannabis Retail decision  they made was based on “private” undocumented conversations or personal biases against  cannabis in general and cannabis being a home-based business.  

It’s too bad that the Council did not survey the residents prior to all of this, like they apparently  feel they must do now with code enforcement in residential/commercial areas. They will be  surveying the whole county about this issue beginning Dec.13, 2021. Oh, that they  would have done this with cannabis beginning in April 2021 after the Cannabis Regulation Act  was enacted! The County really dropped several balls with respect to transparency and  acquisition of real and on-going public input into their decision. If only I could make decisions  based on “phantom public input” and my personal biases – I’d be the most powerful person in  Los Alamos County! I might even be king! But, then hardly anyone would trust me, or love me  (Satire, ain’t it grand?)! 

Soon, I will write an article for the local news media, in which I detail the consequences of the  Council’s poor choices in adopting the County Cannabis Ordinances (regarding Cultivation,  Manufacturing and Retail).  

To the Los Alamos community – I love you!