Teenager Transported To Los Alamos Medical Center Friday Following Minor Collision With Bus


A Los Alamos teenager was transported to Los Alamos Medical Center early Friday morning after a crash involving an Atomic City Transit bus at the intersection of Quemazon and North Road.

According to Los Alamos Police Department records, the bus driver was proceeding eastbound on Quemazon and slowed for a stop sign at the intersection but continued at a slow speed and turned left onto North Road. The teenager was riding an e-bike southbound on North Road in the bike lane. As the bike passed the front of the bus in the intersection, the e-bike was struck on the right side by the bicycle rack on the front of the bus. The teenager lost his balance and fell to the roadway and the e-bike landed on top of him. He suffered minor injuries and was transported to LAMC as a precaution.

The driver of the bus was cited for failure to yield.