Barranca Mesa Elementary School Says Thank You

Casa Mesita Thrift Shop volunteers in September 2020 in front of the store’s 1370 Central Avenue location are, from left, Roberta Irwin, Annabelle Rivera, Norm Magee, Heather Beemer and Elshan Akhadov. Photo by Maire O’Neill./

Barranca Mesa Elementary School

The hardships over the last few years have been challenging while at the same time it has reminded us of the assets and strengths our community poses. As we approach the season of giving thanks; Barranca Mesa Elementary School wants to extend gratitude to all the community members, staff, and families who have given and continue to provide us with the strength to face these challenges head-on. As life speeds by, we often run out of time to acknowledge the gifts given to us, so we wanted to take a moment to let everyone know no matter how big or small your contribution(s) have been seen and felt daily.

We want to send a special acknowledgment to the employees who work at Casa Mesita Thrift Store. These unpaid volunteers contribute funds from the sale of goods in the store each month to all Los Alamos schools. Our school over the years has used these donations for a variety of projects like providing winter clothes, food, and supplies for families; providing scholarships to students for school-sponsored activities like swimming and skiing, and refining and enhancing areas around our campus. We immensely appreciate everyone’s commitment, investment, and involvement in our community.