First United Methodist Church Collects Sleeping Bags For Those Sleeping In The Cold


In Los Alamos, we don’t see the homeless population.  Families sleep in their cars.  Teenagers sleep on one friend’s couch, and then another friend’s couch, constantly moving from one place to another.  Others camp in a campground or in the woods.  There is a need in Los Alamos County for more resources for the homeless and working poor.  According to the Los Alamos Health Services Gap Analysis Final Report (March 2020), 23% of people in Los Alamos County classify as working poor.  While they are working, they do not have enough income to pay for their basic needs.

First United Methodist Church is working to be one of the organizations filling the gap.  First, the Mission team is collecting sleeping bags for those sleeping in the cold.  You can contribute by dropping off sleeping bags at the church office of First United Methodist Church, 715 Diamond Drive.  If the church is closed, please leave sleeping bags on the bench by the front door of the church.  The Missions team will pass sleeping bags on to people in need, and to local organizations who directly meet the needs of people without warm homes.  

First United Methodist Church will soon provide an outdoor food box.  While food distribution is available from LA Cares and the Food Depot, those who work often cannot leave work to receive food.  The outdoor food box will be a food resource any time of the day.  

First United Methodist Church and the missions team plans to do even more to fill the gap of resources in the community for the homeless and working poor.  The long-term goal and vision is to collaborate with others in the community to provide a shelter for those in need.