McKerley: Congratulations And Thank You

Republican Party of Los Alamos

First of all, congratulations to the new school board members – elect and UNM-LA Advisory Board members – elect.  We encourage you to represent the county well and strive to ensure the best education and learning environment possible for our children.

Also, we offer our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to Nickole Aguilar-Garcia, Paul Jaramillo, Rick Mooday and David Hampton. These candidates were motivated to run for elective office out of a sense of community service and they acquitted themselves well.  Each candidate ran an honest and respectful campaign and were open and forthright regarding their positions.  We are thankful for these good and decent citizens who were willing to step into the arena of ideas.  Well done!

The reality is that candidates cannot organize and conduct campaigns without the help from many supporters and volunteers.  We acknowledge these volunteers and supporters and thank them for contributing financially, for investing time and energy in distributing campaign literature, making phone calls and walking neighborhoods and knocking on doors.  All of these folks contributed to presenting the citizens of Los Alamos County a choice of voting for the candidate that best represents their position and who will represent them most effectively.  This is the great American system and we should be thankful for it. 

Unfortunately, in the heat of the campaign season, there is the tendency of some, to say and print harsh and unkind words.  Too often, truth is lost in the process.  In the not too distant past, the goal was to have an energetic and well-reasoned battle of ideas.  Attacks on people were, for the most part avoided and discouraged.  Unfortunately, to our collective harm and disservice, we have, to a degree, devolved into attacks on people and their reputations.  Sometimes, this may seem like the clever and entertaining thing to do – a “win at all costs” mindset.  This is truly a sad and destructive situation.  We all should strive and hope for better days ahead.  

Low voter turnout continues to be an issue.  This is truly a sad situation that I hope will change in the next election.  It is dangerous for us, regardless of political affiliation, to take for granted the opportunity and civic duty to vote – it may not always be available to us.

Until then, God Bless America!