The Citizens Speak: Results On Ballot Integrity And Proposed Reel Deal Theater Purchase

League of Women Voters Los Alamos

The League of Women Voters’ recent library display in the Step Up Gallery had two ballot boxes so that visitors could practice their voting skills.  After the exhibit closed, we counted the ballots and recorded the comments.  

One ballot box asked “Does the United States grant its citizens equal access to the ballot box?”

The results?  

*YES 18 

*NO  86

Interestingly, the comments indicated that even the YES voters were worried: “Yes, but community barriers, not enough volunteers, and other circumstances limit some minority, impoverished, and smaller communities.”  

The NO voters were emphatic in their comments: “Counties and states limit access to voters by limiting early voting, weekend voting, poll hours as well as not having enough polling locations….”

“Recent state voter suppression laws, TX, GA, AZ, etc.  I vote ‘yes’ in support of Lewis Voting Act now before Congress.”

“The 2020 election came the closest to equal access.  That has now been stripped away in many states.”

The second ballot box asked “Should the County buy the Reel Deal Theater?”

And the winner is?

YES  76

NO  25


Again, the comments revealed an engaged, informed, and passionate electorate: “Entertainment is an important part of a society.” 

 “YES! YES! YES!! Young people need more things to do in this town and it is safe!”  

“If we are going to complain about the lack of businesses in downtown then we need to do something about it.”

The NO comments were also thoughtful:  “I hope it is acquired privately, to become an arts space.”  

“I think no because they might do the same thing they did to the old Smith’s (nothing).”

Those who voted on November 2 had no chance to express their reasons for their votes.  But the League hopes you will always think about your reasons every time you cast a ballot.