Jaurigue: Thank You


Following the results of our Regular Local Election this year, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the community that elected me.  What has historically been a relatively calm, or boring election, was anything but that this year. There were robust debates online, more letters to the editors than I could keep track of, but the community came together to offer support.  

I want to send a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who supported me.  Whether the support came in the form of a donation, time, kind words, or even tough questions, it all led to this victory and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to serve.  I look forward to working with Melanie Colgan, Ellen Specter, Erin Green, and Christine Bernstein, and the community in the years to come.  

To my opponents, I appreciate the opportunities we have had to share our ideas and opinions with each other, as well as the professional manner in which you ran your campaigns.  I look forward to our future interactions and wish you well. 

Antonio Jaurigue