Grissom: Thank You


I have nothing but gratitude for the volunteers and donors who helped me in my campaign, and the people who voted for me. I am blown away by the trust you’ve placed in me and will not forget that. In the next few years I look forward to working with my fellow board members on the UNM-LA Advisory Board. It is my hope we can focus on improving student experiences and promoting a wider community impact from UNM-LA.

I would also like to thank everyone who ran for their willingness to serve the community and their contributions to the wider conversation.

Congratulations to my fellow newly elected board members, Charles McCullough and David Hanson. Congratulations also to the newly elected (and re-elected) school board members, Ellen Specter, Tony Jaurigue, Melanie Colgan, and Erin Green.

Alyssa Grissom