Running For Office Requires Life Long Learning


LAHS student Elizabeth Frost interviewed LAPS Board President Melanie Colgan and board candidate Rick Mooday for a report in the school’s Topper Times, reprinted in the Los Alamos Reporter.  While each segment painted a clear picture, Mr. Mooday’s responses were shockingly angry and dismissive throughout. In his response to the LAPS motto “To prepare confident, life-long learners” he declared the motto “a hollow and depressing statement illustrating the low expectations our school system has for our students.”  

When constituents disagreed with his characterization, he doubled down on what he calls his “biting criticism.” He falsely states that this motto is the only strategic plan for the district.  

Mr. Mooday has confused a motto for a strategic plan and demonstrated his ignorance of the responsibilities of public service. He’s shown a complete lack of understanding of the role and a refusal to prepare for serving on the LAPS school board.

The strategic plan is publicly available.  The fact that Mr. Mooday has failed to do such basic research – while asking for our vote – underscores his derision of “life long learning.” He couldn’t even bother to learn the basic information required of a school board member.  

I have not seen Mr. Mooday demonstrate any skill or knowledge qualifying him to be a school board member.  He’s made it clear that he does not have a willingness to learn. What I have seen is anger and ridicule directed towards the students, teachers, and any constituent that does not blindly agree with him.  Mr. Mooday is not looking to serve our community; he’s looking for a soap box.

I have not always seen eye to eye with Board President Melanie Colgan,  but our conversations are always professional and respectful.  President Colgan has shown knowledge, skill, and the ability to take criticism without being defensive or malicious.  She has consistently weighed the needs of all students and staff.  She is thoughtful, measured, and well-qualified.  I am proud to support her re-election.  

The only thing Mr. Mooday and I agree on is this –  every vote matters.  Make sure you vote on Tuesday November 2nd for Melanie Colgan, Ellen Specter, Antonio Jaurigue, and Erin Green.  

Lauren Coupland