In Support Of David Hampton For UNM-LA Advisory Board


My name is Kurt Anast. I am a Process Engineer and have lived in Los Alamos since 1994 after relocating to the “city on the hill” from Denver Colorado. I have been involved with youth baseball, golf and hockey, coached the girls high school golf team, been president of Los Alamos Hockey Association and Los Alamos Golf Association, on the Parks and Rec board etc.  During this time I have encountered a lot of different people who are dedicated to volunteering and making Los Alamos the special place it is.  Over the last year it has been my pleasure to get to know David Hampton through issues related to recreation, as David is Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Board.  

In my dealings with David it quickly became clear that he is unusual because he was immediately willing to sit down and listen to the issue we were struggling with and quickly made astute observations and provided informed recommendations.  He made himself available, asked searching questions and wanted to understand the details to ensure he was clear on our concerns. He helped us identify solutions that were reasonable and workable.  His depth and breadth of understanding related to the Los Alamos community was unusual and refreshing.  

When I saw his campaign sign on San Ildefonso for a position on UNMLA Advisory Board (Position #5), I quickly gave him a call and asked to have one for my yard.  I believe David is a person who will work hard and dedicate his energies and time to making UNMLA an institution that will provide educational opportunities for Los Alamos graduates as well as adults looking to grow and expand their education.  Personally, I like David’s interest in building and expanding vocational programs as I have seen the need for machinists, welders and technicians first hand at Los Alamos National Laboratory and have three nephews who went through vocational training in these areas.  This serves a need for our community in supporting LANL and for our high school graduates who may not want to pursue a 4-year degree.  So if you want someone who is focused, works hard and also seems to cut to the heart of the issue when finding solutions, David is your guy.  Just remember it is Hampton, like the hotel chain.

Kurt Anast