Please Vote For Antonio Jaurigue


My name is David Parsons. I am the father of five children, four of whom attend Chamisa Elementary at this time. I will continue to be a parent at Chamisa for the next 10 years. In addition, I am a nearby homeowner, so I am deeply invested and interested in the future of Chamisa and the associated District 2 School Board Election. The person who is elected to this position will help make many decisions, including two long term, large scale decisions. These large scale decisions are hiring a new superintendent, and rebuilding both the Pinon and Chamisa schools. 

With that said, I am thrilled that Antonio Jaurigue is running for School Board. I have known Tony and his family for four years. I am thrilled that he is running because his family supports both the teachers and the education process.
Supporting teachers is a family affair for the Jaurigue’s. Years ago, Tammy, Tony’s wife, was the president of the Chamisa PTO. In her role, she helped the 4th grade teachers get 40 wiggle stools. She also helped two teachers attend a National Level Professional Conference. 

Now switching over to how Tony has helped, I can sum it up in one phrase, he is present. He shows up for his kids as a field trip chaperone. He shows up to help with clubs and school events. Most recently, when the PTO had a hard time fundraising, Tony jumped in to help lead a community yard sale event. Among many others, Tony helped bring $4,500 to the school. Did I mention that his garage was used to store items for a month before that? Needless to say, it is clear that the Jaurigues are invested in helping the schools at all levels. 

Now, the two reasons that we as the constituents of District 2 should elect Tony are the following. 

  1. Tony is a great leader because of his accessible approach. He is knowledgeable, present, civil, humble, charismatic, easygoing, and eager to learn more. 
  2. Tony is an excellent listener. At this time of high stakes decisions including selecting a new Superintendent and planning two school rebuilds, this is a crucial skill.

To close, please join me in supporting Tony. He will be a great advocate for teachers, parents, and community members alike on the School Board. 

Respectfully submitted,
David Parsons
District #2 Constituent