It’s Time To Comment On The Planned New Urban Trail From 20th Street To The Aquatic Center

Los Alamos County Transportation Board

It’s no secret, but I haven’t met many people who know about the planned extension of the Urban Trail. The idea is to meet up with the Canyon Rim Trail, then run across town along 20th Street, through the Fuller Lodge back yard, along 19th Street, and crossing Peach just before it meets Nectar. From there it skirts around to Ponderosa, then down across Spruce and through the county property to the east of the Tennis Courts. Next, it goes across Canyon and runs down the north side to the Aquatic Center.

That probably sounds pretty complicated, and it is. But there is a presentation available (including a map and explanations) on the county website at:

That’s the same information we got at our Thursday (October 7) meeting. If you’re a real glutton, there’s video and/or audio of the more detailed verbal report on the county calendar site:

The entire trail will be ten feet wide, ADA compliant, and multi-use. It will go by some residential areas and may have an impact on traffic for people who use Peach, Nectar, Ponderosa or Spruce. It may also mean some changes — mostly good but maybe not — for people who cycle, run or walk along Canyon Road.

So it’s time to review the plan and send your comments to Public Works. This plan is still in the workup stage, and the county is always open to better ideas, and certainly wants to hear about any concerns you may have. You can send them email at:

There are definitely some surprises along the way, and most people will probably be delighted with the result, especially when they learn it’s mostly funded by grants to the county.

So please have a look!