LAPS Board District 2 Voters: Why I’m Not Your Guy

LAPS Board District 2 Voters,

Thank you for allowing me to serve your district as the school board member these past 4+ years.  As early voting has begun already, it’s time to decide on your school board member for the next 4 years.  I thought it would be best if I provided some clarity.  

Many of you know me, I’ve been in White Rock for 29 years.  If you don’t know me… you can google me.  These days it can be easy to determine who someone is, but much harder to find out who they are not.  Therefore, I have provided 4 reasons why I’m not your guy.

Reason 1: Your school board member should “fight for Chamisa”.  Not me.  I believe board members must focus on governance and strategic oversight not operational issues.  While the board seats are districted, every board member should represent the entire community.  

Reason 2: Your school board member should have kids in the schools today – be experiencing parenting today.  Sorry – my three girls are Chamisa and LAHS grads but at age 27, 29, and 31.  Interestingly, they are all still pursuing formal higher education.  Feel free to ask me about them…

Reason 3: Your school board member needs to put a stop to all of this “Social-Emotional Learning” stuff or “Critical Race Theory” and help the schools get back to the basics.  Nope. Not me.  I believe we’ve got great teachers and they need to follow their passions.  Once young learners develop reading and comprehension skills, critical thinking must follow.  Children need to want to learn and I’m not afraid of making them think.

Reason 4: Your school board member needs to be replaced.  Some may think the current school board has failed its constituents and not navigated COVID or other social/educational issues effectively.  If you agree, you need to vote for someone else.  I feel pretty good about the sitting board.  I think we have a good diversity but still all listen to each other and are devoted to the future.  I suggest that a major shake-up of the current board just as we’re hiring a new Superintendent is not good for the community, it’s parents, or it’s children.

Therefore, I’m not asking for your vote.  It’s best to decide what skills and values you desire in a school board member and vote for the person most closely aligned with those.  That’s how democracy is supposed to work.

Steven Boerigter
Board Member and Candidate
LAPS District 2