Applause To Green, Colgan, Jaurigue, Boerigter And Specter…


In Los Alamos tradition, all six UNM-LA candidates will be participating in the nonpartisan League of Women Voters’ Forum. However, several LAPS school board candidates will not commit to participating in this traditional forum. The three absentee candidates had no problem participating in a partisan Republican forum but are uninterested in the traditional forum hosted by the esteemed and non-partisan League of Women Voters [1]. 

The three absentee candidates were signatories to a proposal [2] that seeks to use public funds to supplement salaries in privately owned businesses.  This proposal warrants public discussion. By releasing the proposal after the partisan, Republican forum and refusing to attend the nonpartisan, League of Women Voters’ Forum, they have conveniently denied public discussion of this proposal to usurp public funds for private purposes. Puzzlingly, the absentee three also propose a program that appear to already exist, specifically D.E.C.A. at the high school.  I am disappointed and frustrated by the inability to publicly discuss these proposals with the candidates.

We must applaud the five school board candidates willing to discuss issues and engage with the constituents they aim to represent. In my opinion, this commitment should be the bare minimum for a candidate seeking public office.  The date of the only nonpartisan forum was not a surprise, nor was it unexpected. Our school board will be expected to meet at regularly, pre-planned intervals and those meetings will inevitably conflict with other life events. School board members should prioritize the responsibilities of the position and take these duties seriously. The five school board candidates that will be present at the League of Women Voters’ Forum have already demonstrated their commitment to the position. By prioritizing the position and the election process, these candidates have shown their commitment to our students.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the issues relevant to our schools and students at the League of Women Voters Forum that will happen next Wednesday, Oct. 6th, 2021.

 Thank you to Erin Green, Melanie Colgan, Antonio Jaurigue, Stephen Boerigter, and Ellen Specter for their commitment to the Los Alamos School Board elections, our children’s education, and for prioritizing communication with voters in this non-partisan forum.

* In the hours elapsed from writing this letter to publication one of the three, Rick Mooday, has also  agreed to participate in the non-partisan LWV forum. It is my sincere hope the other two will also participate. 

Michael Ham