Five Los Alamos Youth Compete At State 4H Rodeo Finals Sept. 24-26

Ready to rodeo at the NM State 4H Rodeo Finals are, from left, Paige Trujillo, Reed Trujillo, Wacey Trujillo, Stetson Trujillo and Teagan Trujillo. Photo by Ronda Trujillo

4H Rodeo contestants sisters Wacey Trujillo, left, and Teagan Trujillo, 4H rodeo contestants with 2021 4H Rodeo trophy saddles.  Photo by Lenni Trujillo 


Some 100 youth 4H Rodeo contestants from throughout New Mexico competed at Rodeo de Santa Fe September 24-26 for the state 4H rodeo finals. Los Alamos student athletes Wacey Trujillo (LAOLA), Teagan Trujillo (Aspen Elementary), Stetson Trujillo (LAMS), Reed Trujillo (Piñon Elementary) and Paige Trujillo (Piñon Elementary) competed at the recent finals.  All five are members of the Young Guns 4H club.   

We asked the Young Guns 4H rodeo contestants what has been their biggest challenge this year.  Stetson Trujillo competed in goat tying and breakaway roping at the finals.  He said time management is a challenge.  His county fair livestock, junior high rodeos and school make it hard to practice all the events he wants to compete in.  He had a second place finish in Saturday’s rodeo in the goat tying.  

Paige Trujillo competed in the flag race and goat tying during the finals.  She switched horses during the year, which was a challenge, and she’s learning to come together with her new mare.  She has been improving, finishing the year with her personal best flag race time yet.  

Reed Trujillo competed in goat tying at the finals.  He says practicing baseball and doing rodeo is fun but a lot of work.  He was consistent both Friday and Saturday in the rodeo, placing in the top four in goat tying both days.  

Teagan Trujillo competed in barrel racing, goat tying, team roping and breakaway.  Her breakaway horse came up crippled right before the finals so she had to use her backup horse.  Even with that challenge, she was the goat tying state champion in the novice age division, collecting the most points in her event throughout the year.  She earned a new trophy saddle and added another buckle to her growing collection.  

Wacey Trujillo competed in barrel racing, goat tying, team roping and breakaway.  She has been struggling with her fundamentals the last week or so, which she felt at the finals.  She still topped the state, with her accumulative points putting her in the lead in both breakaway and goat tying for the junior age division, bringing home two trophy saddles and several other year end awards.  

All five rodeo contestants continue to practice and work hard; always looking for opportunities to improve.  These kids are incredibly polite, kind, humble and are a genuine joy to be around.  With such well-rounded contestants; the future of rodeo looks bright!  Congratulations Paige, Reed, Stetson, Teagan and Wacey!