Can We Keep Feral Cattle Out Of The Cemetery?

A feral bull at Guaje Pines Cemetery Sunday morning. Photo by Laura Cox

A section of fence that needs to be repaired at Guaje Pines Cemetery. Photo by Laura Cox


On a Sunday, September 19 visit to my child’s grave at Guaje Pines Cemetery I was greeted by a large bull happily grazing (and leaving manure) in the cemetery. It’s good of Los Alamos County to maintain green grass, fertilized, mowed and watered, for cattle. Did somebody think a 2,000lb bull would not knock down the fence? There is a well-traveled 8 foot span of fence that lies on the ground, but nobody has repaired it. Cattle tracks are everywhere, and other parts of the fence are down. Your tax dollars and mine at work. Is there a reason we can’t keep feral cattle out of the cemetery?

Laura Cox