Chris Luchini Announces Candidacy For UNM-LA Advisory Board Position 1

Candidate for UNM-LA Advisory Board
Position 1

UNM-LA is a critical institution in this community, provide education and training to the greater Los Alamos County area. It has promptly adapted to the restrictions of the pandemic that have been applied to instruction and learning. While the pandemic of 2020-2021? is not over, the changes it has made to work and educational practices will persist, perhaps forever. Virtually all of society has adapted to working and learning remotely, and there is every reason to believe that a significant segment of the student base of UNM-LA may prefer a hybrid in-person/remote learning experience.

The Board elected in November will play a significant roll in guiding UNM-LA in dealing with the changes in society and modes of learning over the next few years. The Advisory Board needs to vigorously seek out new ideas to guarantee that the students of UNM-LA have the best possible learning environment, and emerge with the skills and mental tools needed for success.

I hope to earn your vote this November.