Rick Mooday Announces Bid For LAPS Board Seat For District 4

Candidate For LAPS Board
District 4

My name is Rick Mooday and I am running for the District 4 Barranca Mesa Elementary School seat on the Los Alamos School Board. I am a product of a small-town public-school system and am a long-time resident of Los Alamos. My wife, Teddie Sue and I have 4 children. Three are Topper graduates that have moved onto the next phases of their lives and our youngest is a junior at the high school. The Los Alamos school system has served them all well. Teddie Sue and I have been involved in the school system of Los Alamos for over 20 years. I am knowledgeable and involved in the school system but maintain an objective point of view which I believe will be valuable for effective board service at this critical time. If elected, it will be apparent that improving our public education system to the benefit of our students, parents, families and teachers is my top priority. Our children’s education is one of the most important factors in their future success and in the success of our community, state and nation. I love this community and look forward to giving back to it.

Like many in the community, I am a long-time employee of Los Alamos National Laboratory and have worked in diverse technical areas. I have a graduate degree from Texas Tech University (TTU) (PhD CHE ’98). While at TTU, I was a USN ROTC (reserve officer training corps) instructor and a teaching assistant for multiple chemical engineering professors instructing technical courses and laboratory operations while pursuing my graduate degree. I am a 10-year US Navy veteran of carrier aviation and a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm flying the long retired Grumman A-6 INTRUDER. In Los Alamos, I have been a baseball coach in LA Little League, as well as at the club level and as an assistant coach for the Los Alamos JV High School team. I love the outdoors and Los Alamos/northern New Mexico provides unparalleled beauty and recreation options. My personal, military, professional and coaching experiences have taught me that high performing teams consistently out-perform individuals and win the day. High performing teams also experience conflict that must be effectively handled by leaders at all levels. We must work together and resolve diverse challenges together to be effective for our students in these increasingly complex times. 

I have progressed to a point in my career where I can give back to the community and will work diligently to bring informed objective perspectives to the LA school board. The importance of strong leadership from the school board for our students, parents and unbelievable teachers and staff cannot be overstated. Key actions stand in front of the board, among them, hiring a new superintendent and continuing difficult policy, facility and resource allocation actions. I look forward to serving the students, parents and teachers if elected to the LA School Board, District 4 seat.