Topper Swimmers Split At Academy

Topper senior Konstantin Nelson won two events in the Toppers’ 186-110 win at Academy. Courtesy photo

Junior Orion Henderson leads the NMAA in four swimming events this season. Courtesy photo

Hilltoppers Swimming Coach

The Los Alamos High School swim team faced perennial rivals Albuquerque Academy at the Tom Casey Memorial meet at Barney Natatorium in Albuquerque on May 1.

The Hilltopper boys beat Academy 186-110 in their dual meet, while the girls dropped their meet by a 201-93 score.

After Topper junior Annie Beus took the one-meter diving event, the girls’ team was unable to pick up any swimming victories from the top-ranked Chargers.

The girls’ team, however, did notch several new state provisional qualifying standards though – Sylvia Holesinger (50 free), Katherine Elton (200 IM), and Sophia Pieck (200 free) – and lowered others.

The boys swept the top three places in the 200 free, 200 IM, and 100 fly en route to victory.

Senior Konstantin Nelson scored two individual wins, 200 free and 100 fly, and helped secure the 200 medley relay victory for the Toppers, in an NMAA-leading clocking.

Orion Henderson finished his junior year undefeated, capturing the 200 IM and 100 free. He leads the NMAA this season in four of the 8 individual swimming events.

Academy coach Dave Barney announced in April that this season will be his last at the helm of Academy’s swim teams after a 47-year run.

Barney, 89 years old, has won a combined 41 New Mexico state high school swimming titles, including 20 girls and 21 boys, and has been inducted into half a dozen Hall of Fames, according to the Albuquerque Journal, including the NFHS Hall of Fame (2015), the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame (1995), the UNM Athletic Hall of Honor (2000), the New Mexico High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame (2009) and the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association Hall of Fame (2013).

Perhaps his most important contribution to swimming was the development of sliding-scale, elevation-band altitude adjustments for times, based on analysis of tens of thousands of swimming times across all distances. When originally introduced in the 1980s, many coaches from lower altitude states were skeptical of the need.

These adjustments allowed swimmers from high-altitude states to vie on a level playing field for high school All-America status, especially in longer events, which helped them be recruited by colleges.

Barney’s loss to the Hilltoppers boys’ team on Saturday was only his 18th against 569 wins in a long and storied career with Albuquerque Academy.

The Hilltoppers will host a virtual district meet with only Taos in attendance on May 8 at Walkup.  The district meet is the last for the LAHS swimmers before the state championships in Albuquerque on May 13 (girls) and May 15 (boys).

Tom Casey Memorial

May 1, 2021   Albuquerque Academy  Albuquerque, NM   SQT= State Qualifying


200 medley relay: Academy 1:55.13, Academy 2:00.68, Los Alamos 2:01.77 (SQT) (Holesinger, Elton, Ronning, Tripp); also: 5) Los Alamos C 2:23.24 (Nolen, M Katko, E Javernick, Amrani), LAHS B DQ

200 free:  Ally Bernier ACAD 1:59.70, Sophia Pieck LAHS 2:04.42 (SQT), Melia Correa ACAD 2:15.43; also: 5) Emily McLaughlin LAHS 2:16.10, 7) Allison Amrani LAHS 2:31.68

200 individual medley: MacKenzie Jarrell ACAD 2:18.84, Katherine Elton ACAD 2:23.96 (SQT), Karen Zhang ACAD 2:25.89: also: 5) Ada Tripp LAHS 2:40.51

50:  Sowang Kundeling ACAD 25.88, Kiley Carmody ACAD 25.94, Maya Von Atta ACAD 26.06; also: 4) Sylvia Holesinger LAHS 26.87, 6) Allison Amrani LAHS 29.33, 7) Ella Javernick LAHS 33.69

1m dive:  Annie Beus LAHS 319.55, Addie Richie LAHS 314.05, Anna Clark LAHS         

100 fly: Asiana Lee ACAD 1:02.17, Cindy Fan ACAD 1:02.96, Kamaya Ronning LAHS 1:06.25; also: 6) Marlee Katko LAHS 1:19.66

100 free: Kiley Carmody ACAD 56.25, Coralie Norenberg ACAD 56.40, Sophia Pieck LAHS 56.59 (SQT); also: 5) Bailey Yost LAHS 58.14, 6) Emily McLaughlin LAHS 1:00.69, 8) Kamaya Ronning LAHS 1:05.45

500: Ally Bernier ACAD 5:18.62, Melia Correa ACAD 5:54.20, Izzy Orem ACAD 5:54.60; also: 5) Ada Tripp LAHS 6:31.82, 6) Libby Nolen LAHS 7:03.28, 7) Ella Javernick LAHS 8:01.57

200 free relay:  Academy 1:43.75, Los Alamos 1:47.31 (SQT) (Clark, Holesinger, Yost, Pieck), Academy B 1:54.88; also: 4) Los Alamos B 1:58.76 (Nolen, Tripp, Katko, McLaughlin)

100 back:  Coralie Norenberg ACAD 1:03.09, Sylvia Holesinger LAHS 1:04.62 (SQT), Ana-Adela Duran ACAD 1:04.94

100 breast: Asian Lee ACAD 1:10.14, Karen Zhang ACAD 1:12.41, Katherine Elton LAHS 1:12.89 (SQT); also: 4) Bailey Yost LAHS 1:16.10, Sophie Bathrick-Price LAHS 1:24.60

400 free relay: Academy 3:50.07, Los Alamos 4:01.21 (SQT) (Ronning, Elton, Pieck, Yost)  

Girls Team Scores: Albuquerque Academy 201, Los Alamos 93


200 medley relay: Los Alamos 1:38.76 (SQT) (Lo, M Corliss, K Nelson, Rougier), Academy 1:40.64, Academy 1:45.78; also: 4) Los Alamos B 1:47.01 (SQT) (Sutton, Williams, A Corliss, Takuma Shiina)

200 free: Konstantin Nelson LAHS 1:50.36 (SQT), Andy Corliss LAHS 1:54.63 (SQT), Nikolai Nelson LAHS 1:54.79 (SQT); also: 5) Eric Burns LAHS 1:59.52

200 individual medley: Orion Henderson LAHS 1:55.79 (SQT), Max Corliss LAHS 2:03.61 (SQT), Takuma Shiina LAHS 2:07.60 (SQT); also: 6) Wayne Williams LAHS 2:16.99

50: Matias Rougier LAHS 22.07 (SQT), Aidan McKinley ACAD 22.30, Sam Papenguth ACAD 22.67; also: 4) Tavin Brogan LAHS 22.76 (SQT), 5) Ming Lo LAHS 23.09 (SQT), 6) Hayden Sutton LAHS 23.56

1m dive: Brayden Stidham LAHS 433.85, Calvin Ridgeway ACAD 357.40

 100 fly:  Konstantin Nelson LAHS 52.74 (SQT), Andy Corliss LAHS 54.72 (SQT), Duncan Henderson LAHS 56.88 (SQT)

100 free: Orion Henderson LAHS 48.52 (SQT), Ethan Fricke ACAD 49.24, Matias Rougier LAHS 49.35 (SQT); also: 4) Tavin Brogan LAHS 51.77, 6) Caleb Kerstiens LAHS 53.71

500: Duncan Henderson LAHS 5:09.63 (SQT), Nikolai Nelson LAHS 5:13.97 (SQT), Pierce McShane ACAD 5:18.87; also: 5) Takeshi Shina LAHS 5:42.85

200 free relay: Los Alamos 1:30.26 (SQT) (M Corliss, Brogan, Williams, O Henderson), Academy 1:30.93, Los Alamos B 1:37.36 (SQT) (Kerstiens, N Nelson, Katko, Sutton)

100 back: Aidan McKinley ACAD 55.07, Ming Lo LAHS 56.60 (SQT), Connor Dalton ACAD 59.02; also: 4) Hayden Sutton LAHS 1:00.26 (SQT), 6) Takeshi Shiina LAHS 1:04.29, 8) Gabe Katko LAHS 1:08.43

100 breast: Max Corliss LAHS 1:01.12 (SQT), Ryan Ardalan ACAD 1:03.62, Takuma Shiina LAHS 1:04.42 (SQT); also: 6) Wayne Williams LAHS 1:06.95 (SQT)

400 free relay:  Los Alamos 3:17.34 (SQT) (A Corliss, O Henderson, Rougier, Lo), Academy 3:18.51, Los Alamos B 3:26.36 (D Henderson, Takuma Shiina, K Nelson, Brogan); also: 4) Los Alamos C (S Javernick, C Kerstiens, G Katko, N Nelson)

Boys Team scores: Los Alamos 186, Albuquerque Academy 110