Los Alamos STEAM Lab Offers Four Summer Camps


In an ever changing environment, planning is hard, but Los Alamos STEAM Lab would like to make sure kids have some time to play outside this summer.  They’ll be offering four weeks of  half day camps in June and July.

Camps will be based outside of Family Strengths Network at 3540 Orange Street and use their building for bathrooms and wifi.  Campers will hike, play in the sprinklers, program robots, make messes, and generally have a lot of unstructured fun.  They may also walk to playgrounds, hold soccer tournaments, build forts out of sticks or take naps in the grass.  The kids will largely take the lead.

June camp will be for the last two weeks of the month. More information can be found here:  https://lasteamlab.com/shop/june-summer-camp/

In July, the two available weeks of camp will have a theme. 

In the second week of July camp will be focussed around art and making.  Camp will keep its unstructured nature, but kids will be given access to glue guns, paint, and other art supplies to craft with found and recycled materials at some point every day.

The fourth week has more of a programming theme with projects for the BBC Micro:bit which campers will take home at the end of the week. Don’t worry! There will still be a lot of unstructured time for exploring the world.

More information on these camps can be found here: https://lasteamlab.com/shop/summer-camp-2021/