Closed For Several Years, Anderson Pharmacy Building On The Market

Inside the Anderson Pharmacy which closed its doors several years ago. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

The front door of the Anderson Pharmacy in the building that also houses Morning Glory Bakery & Cafe. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

The Los Alamos Reporter wonders just how long Williams Mug Shaving Soap’s lasting lather lasts! Photo by Maire O’Neill/


For many who grew up in Los Alamos and attended Los Alamos High School, the building that houses the former Anderson Pharmacy across the street at 1377, Diamond Drive holds many memories. Long-time residents recall visiting the traditional 1950s style Topper Fountain where they enjoyed sodas, hamburgers, hot dogs and of course cherry or lime Cokes with friends or family. Anderson Pharmacy also had a huge stock of over the counter medications, first aid items and greeting cards. Many people remember it as Draggon Drugs,

Nowadays, the old Anderson Pharmacy is closed but far from empty. Walking in there is like taking a step into the past and in many ways, it looks like George Anderson just put down his pen and his glasses and walked out the door. One end of the building is currently leased and occupied by the popular Morning Glory Bakery & Café, a quiet place for a great breakfast and a little busier when LAHS students and others show up for lunch.

The 5,000 square building which sits on a 36,000 square foot lot was recently listed for sale by realtor David Horpedahl of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. The listing price is $1,050,000.

While touring the former pharmacy with Horpedahl, the Los Alamos Reporter was quickly distracted by everything that remains on the shelves and racks around the store. As Horpedahl remarked, “Where else are you going to find a brand new VHS tape?”  Over the years, movie crews have used the store for historic retail business footage.

Horpedahl mentioned several options for future use of the building. He would like to see it turned into something to benefit the whole community. Its location makes it perfect for expansion by LAHS or the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos.

The building is structurally sound. It has a double ceiling with a three-foot crawl space in between the two which would make it easy to upgrade the electrical, install fire suppression, etc. to bring it up to commercial code.  

Horpedahl noted that many people are going smaller with businesses and that remodeling the building to put in multiple little shops would be ideal. He said many people have mentioned that they would like to see a chicken café or an ice cream shop.

The property is zoned C-1 by the Los Alamos County Code which means if can be used for light commercial and professional businesses intended “to accommodate retail, service and professional uses, compatible with each other, to serve nearby residential districts”.

This view of the inside of the Anderson Pharmacy building will stir memories in many Los Alamos residents. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

The Anderson Pharmacy building at 1377 Diamond Drive is on the market. Photo by Maire O’Neill/