Obituary: David C. Buckland – 2021

This world has truly lost a bright light with the recent passing of David Buckland.

David loved life and his passions made him a gifted musician (Blackjack Davey); a truly dedicated, compassionate teacher (Mr. B); an avid, enthusiastic skier (the Purple Haze); a steadfast ally to his friends (Davey); a thoroughly delighted pal with his first ever pup Lexie; and the most loving, supportive, playmate, lover, and best friend to his wife TJ who adored him beyond words. His optimism, enthusiasm for life and generous nature flowed through his music, theater work, teaching, skiing, and interactions with family and extensive network of friends. His trademark radiant smile made you feel cared about, accepted, and safe. David brought a special quality to his relationships – a genuine warmth and caring, true compassion, a twinkle in his eye, a sense of humor, and humility. Tributes, some shared below, reflect his extraordinary ability to touch and connect:

He brought a bright light to everything he did. The world was a better place with him in it.

One of the kindest and most generous souls I have ever known.

He was unfailingly kind, generous and uplifting. His effervescent spirit lifted everyone around him.

He was the most precious, kind, compassionate teacher that I ever had.

A generous and beautiful soul.

A more gentle soul you cannot find. And what a kick ass guitarist.

I was a student of Mr. B and would not be who I am today without him.

He was a friend and a mentor, always quick with a smile or a laugh, always with a twinkle in his eye, always, always there when you needed him.

Kind, generous, hilarious man.

He was a beautiful person, with a shining soul and spirit.

Mr. B was one of the best teachers and mentors I ever had, and he always made me laugh.

Davey was a delight. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was so very talented.

I am better for having known him and had him touch my heart and life so profoundly.

He lived a full life, made the most of each moment!

He always made time for his students, never made you feel stupid if you didn’t understand something, and always very encouraging.

A truly kind, generous, and caring person! He could make you smile when nothing else would.

I will always be thankful for his warm and accepting kindness.

The warmth that emanated from him was a constant.

Davey was always with the smile to light up the room.

His strength gave me the courage to fly when I needed it most.

He taught me that being an ordinary person is OK, that we all have love and gifts to share.…

David was one of the kindest people I’ve known.

I will always remember his kindness, gentleness, and compassion.

We are better people for having known Davey.

Jewish tradition says the righteous pass on Shabbat.

Born and raised in Los Alamos, NM, Davey completed his Bachelor’s degree and teaching certification, traveled as a road musician, taught a wide age range of children in a variety of settings, and retired after almost three decades as an educator at Los Alamos High School.

Davey is survived by his wife (Janet “TJ” Taub); three siblings and their spouses, Carl Buckland (Julianne), Anne Murphy (Tim), Nancy Buckland (Richard Day); nieces Amber Dugger (Carl), Marika Buckland-Day; nephews Michael Dugger, Kevin Murphy (Ginnie Fae); sister-in-law Judy Taub (partner Allison Newman); extended family and the many, many friends he loved. He was preceded in death by his parents, Carl and Mary Ella Buckland.

A memorial event to celebrate Davey and his gifts to us all will be scheduled once it is safer to gather. Contributions may be made to a favorite humanitarian, environmental, medical, or animal welfare charity.

Davey, I love you to Infinity and Beyond. And back again. Really, Really.