Los Alamos School Board Votes Unanimously To Appoint Jennifer Guy As Interim Superintendent

LAPS Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Guy will act as Interim Superintendent following the retirement of Supt. Kurt Steinhaus at the end of the school year until the school board fills his position. Photo Courtesy LAPS


Los Alamos School Board members voted unanimously Thursday evening to appoint Jennifer Guy as interim superintendent following the retirement of Supt. Kurt Steinhaus at the end of the current school year.

Board Chair Melanie Colgan noted that the board during its earlier closed session discussed at length the possibility of an interim superintendent.

“We discussed many names. We discussed many points of view but in the end, we decided we wanted to honor Dr. Steinhaus’s wish to retire and we would like to make a motion to offer the position of Interim Superintendent to Mrs. Jennifer Guy if she would be so kind as to accept,” Colgan said.

Board Vice President Ellen Specter interjected saying she would like to on behalf of the board, thank Dr. Steinhaus for his amazing years of leadership and commitment to Los Alamos Public Schools and congratulate him on a well-earned retirement, adding that she was looking forward to working with him in whatever way works out in the future.

“We know you’re not going anywhere and can only imagine you’ll be involved in one way or another. And being able to offer this position to Mrs. Guy is also a testament to your success and commitment to growing leadership within the district, to be able to do that and to know that all of the duties will be able to be held by very competent and talented people because both of you have shown that commitment in your tenure in your positions,” Specter said.

Colgan said she would like to echo Specter’s comments.

“Thank you very much Dr. Steinhaus for your incredible service to the district and as Ms Specter said, thank you for building such an amazing team here where we do feel confident that we can let you retire and enjoy yourself and we will be at the capable hands of Mrs. Guy if she chooses to accept our proposal,” Colgan said.

In the closed session the board also went over the wording of the request for quotes that Colgan said will be sent to many search companies for the superintendent position as well as many publications were superintendents might be looking. She said the wording was proofed by the board and asked for a motion to approve the wording and include dates.

Guy told the Los Alamos Reporter Saturday evening that she is honored to serve LAPS during this transition.

“Dr. Steinhaus has been a great leader for the district and mentor to me. Under his guidance, we have built a strong leadership team that will work together to ensure that Los Alamos students thrive and staff have the support they need to continue the important work they do every day.  I look forward to working with staff from around the district as the community looks for the next superintendent,” she said.

Guy has been Assistant Superintendent at LAPS since June 2018. She has worked in education in New Mexico for more than 32 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from New Mexico State University, a Master’s degree in Pedagogy and Learning with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Eastern New Mexico University.

Guy has taught various grades in school districts around the state. She and her husband, John, who grew up in Los Alamos, relocated to Los Alamos 16 years ago with their three sons. Prior to accepting the Assistant Superintendent position, she was the principal at Mountain Elementary School and prior to that she taught at Piñon Elementary School.

Steinhaus announced earlier this month that he intends to retire at the end of this school year. In a letter to district parents, he said the decision came after some deep reflection and talking with his wife, Jo Beth and family. Guy said the details of the transition are still being worked out.