Planning & Zoning Commission Unanimously Approves Marriott Hotel And Conference Center Site Plan


The Los Alamos County Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a site plan for the four-story Marriott Town Place Suites hotel and conference center to be located at 1925 Trinity Drive along the terminus of the 20th Street extension. Approval for a waiver to exceed the maximum height limit of 45 feet within 150 feet of Los Alamos Canyon was also given.

Prior to the issuance of building permits for the project, the developer TNJLA, LLC has to record the Project Participant Agreement with the County Clerk’s Office. The County currently owns the land for the project but after a summary plat is filed, TNJLA and the County have to work to finalize the transfer of the title to TNJLA. Vacation of utilities easements will also need to be approved by Los Alamos County Council and recorded. Several of the conditions relate to updating maps and drawings.

There was extensive discussion of parking availability for the project and one of the conditions required to be met is a revision of the shared parking map to a scaled drawing reflecting 56 parking spaces with the required dimensions and provision of the revised shared parking agreement with neighboring Los Alamos Public Schools.

TNJLA has to provide a construction schedule for the entire project to the County Engineer’s Office for coordination on the County’s traffic signal buildout at Trinity Drive and 20th Street. TNJLA also has to notify the Department of Energy of any further changes to the location of retention ponds which used to flow over a DOE Solid Waste Management Unit

The Commission approved a request for a waiver to allow the hotel building only to exceed the maximum height limit of 45 feet within 150 feet of Los Alamos Canyon; height range is 49 feet 6 inches to 60 feet 3 inches at the structures highest. The height allowance only applies to the hotel structure and not the conference center.