Boese Brothers Application For Craft Distillery Offsite License For Second Premises In Central Park Square


Los Alamos County Councilors on Tuesday evening approved a craft distillery offsite location license application for Boese Brothers for 144 Central Park Square which is immediately east of their current Brewpub location. Brothers Sam and George Boese currently hold a small brewer offsite license at 145 Central Square which allows them to sell specifically wine, cider and beer made in the state of New Mexico.

“A craft distillery license is a little different in that it allows you to sell spirits but similarly those spirits have to be made in the state. Ours are made out of our original company in Albuquerque,” George Boese told Council. “Our intention is for the adjacent space which is physically separated to be a separate business and location in and of itself.”

Councilor David Izraelevitz said he is looking forward to another small business.

“I think we’re always looking for additional so-called ‘third places’ where people can come together and a lot of these become generators of further retail traffic that supports surrounding businesses. I’m not familiar with Boese Brothers distilled spirits but hopefully I will able to try it out in the near future. Good to have you expanding here in Los Alamos,” he told Boese.

Councilor Sara Scott said she is pleased to see the success of one of the new local businesses led to an interest and an ability to expand their services for the community. She said she is glad things are going well and looks forward to another success.

Chair Randall Ryti said he appreciated how the business is doing well enough to expand which is a good thing for the town.