North Mesa Housing Project Working Group Seeks Letters Of Interest From Community Members


Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS) and Los Alamos County (LAC) have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to pursue options for utilizing approximately 29 acres of School-owned property located east of the Middle School on North Mesa. The North Mesa Working Group – a committee of elected officials and staff representing LAPS and LAC – is seeking letters of interest to appoint up to three community members who will assist them in developing a property plan that includes:

  • Understanding options for recurring revenue generation and housing, especially for workforce housing, using the property
  • Studying possible impacts, such as traffic, on existing developments located near the property
  • Considering a wide variety and types of housing options for that would be affordable for School employees to reside in the County
  • Providing input for making recommendations, based on facilitated public meetings to seek input from the community, about the intended use of the property and its long-term management, including continued affordability and future build out options
  • Participating in committee meetings to review materials provided by hired consultants and planners related to site and market conditions, financial models, design and construction cost estimates, home pricing ranges, and other procured services needed to make informed decisions 

The deadline for letters of interest is Monday, Jan. 18 at 5:00 p.m. and is open to any County residents. Letters should be one or two pages and explain background and qualifications, name of company or business (if applicable) and why the resident believes they would be a good selection to serve on the Working Group. 

To review the entire MOA, or learn more about the project, visit: