County: Recycle More Cardboard Boxes


With our residents staying home this holiday season, many people are shopping online to buy gifts for their family members and friends. The result of online shopping may cause an abundance of cardboard boxes that may not fit in your recycle roll cart. 

Aside from using the mixed recycle roll cart, residents can take excess cardboard to be recycled at the Eco Station, Overlook Collection Center, and Lemon Lot for no additional charge. 

The Los Alamos County Environmental Services has staged cardboard recycle dumpsters throughout the community which are available for residents to use. Residents may find a cardboard recycle dumpster closer to their home than the Eco Station, Overlook Collection Center, or the Lemon Lot. As a best practice, remember to flatten your cardboard and remove any packing peanuts prior to recycling.  

Cardboard Recycling Locations:

Los Alamos County Municipal Building – 1000 Central Ave

North Mesa Ball Fields – North Mesa Rd

Lemon Lot Recycling Center – Lemon Lot

Overlook Collection Center – Overlook Park

Eco Station – 3701 E Jemez Rd. 

Fire Station #2 – 132 DP Rd.

Fire Station #3 – 129 NM-4

Fire Station #4 – 4401 Diamond Dr.

Fire Station #6 – Los Alamos Ave.