Los Alamos Public Schools Issues Update On Small Group Instruction


With a focus on safety and student well-being, the Los Alamos School Board paused Hybrid Learning in elementary  schools until Jan. 18, 2021. Students will be learning remotely during December and the first few weeks in January. This will allow parents to follow the changing health orders from the governor and give Los Alamos Public Schools the opportunity to recruit more substitute teachers. 

Since LAPS has already implemented a Hybrid Learning  model approved by the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED), Los Alamos does not have to be ‘green’ on the Department of Health map before our  schools transition back to Hybrid Learning. The School Board is closely monitoring COVID infection rates and  will make data-driven decisions based upon 1) safety for students, families and staff, 2) student learning  needs, including those with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), 3) social emotional learning and behavioral  health, and 4) availability of staffing. 

“While in the remote setting, the NMPED permits limited in-person services to small groups of special education students whose services cannot be effectively provided remotely,” explained Karla Crane, Coordinator of Student Services. Primarily this involves services that require close physical contact to support progress toward functional skills. The amount of in-person services is individually determined based on each student’s ability to engage, maintain skills, and make some progress toward IEP goals through remote delivery  of services. 

The district recognizes that in-person instruction is more effective for all students and the goal is to return to as much in-person instruction as is allowable based on the health restrictions required by the state. In the meantime, all services that can effectively be offered remotely will be provided through a variety of methods  including one-to-one Google Meets with the student and/or parents and materials provided to students at  home. 

LAPS elementary schools are currently scheduled to return to the Hybrid Learning model on Tuesday, Jan. 19,  2021. 

For questions about in-person small group instruction for students receiving special education and related  services at LAPS, please contact Karla Crane. For other questions, please feel free to contact LAPS  Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus at 505-663-2230 or k.steinhaus@laschools.net.