County: Prevent Trash Fires In Roll Carts At Eco Station Or Landfill


What you throw in your trash can ignite and have devastating results. Materials such as hot ashes and lithium batteries are items that can cause trash fires in trash roll carts at the Eco Station or landfill. Residents can help Los Alamos County prevent fires by disposing of hot ashes and lithium batteries properly.

People often misjudge how long it takes hot ashes to fully extinguish. The best way to ensure hot ashes are ready for disposal is to douse the ashes thoroughly with water before placing them in plastic bag in the trash roll cart.

Lithium batteries are often found in electronic laptops and cell phones, and they are the latest culprits in trash fires. Los Alamos County Environmental Services provides a battery take back program for all residents. To help safely manage batteries and to prevent a future shortage of cobalt, graphite, and lithium, residents can bring batteries to the Eco Station for them to be recycled properly at no charge to their annual loads.

Do your part and help us prevent trash fires. More information can be found on the Environmental Services website,, or the new app Recycle Coach that is FREE to download on the app store or on Google Play.