Take Something Home From Betty Bluebird Homemade

Karen Proctor at Betty Bluebird Homemade can help you find a perfect gift for a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague among the unusual items she offers online. Karen’s organic beeswax candles are $30 but you can save $15 by returning your used jar as part of her candle recycle program. She also creates floral cards and a popular set of local dessert cards as well as recycled paper homemade cards. Her plant holders with succulents are the perfect addition to a work-at-home desk. Karen has put together special holiday gift sets for $35 that include a mini plant holder with an air plant, a mini organic candle, a floral flat note card and an organic sugar scrub. Check out her website at www.bettybluebirdhomemade.com, email her at karen@bettybluebirdhomemade.com or call (505) 585-1099. Courtesy photo