State Offers Free Digital Resource To Address Addiction


The 5-Actions Program™ is a free, online digital health resource for residents struggling with substance use or behavioral addictions

A new digital resource, 5-Actions Program™ ( is designed to help adults (18 years of age and older) address challenges associated with alcohol, other drugs, and behavioral addictions (e.g., gambling, sex, technology, food) is free for residents of New Mexico, announced the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line ( in partnership with ProtoCall Services, Inc., and with Digital Therapeutics Group LLC. The funding for the program is provided by the New Mexico Human Services Department, Behavioral Health Services Division.

“The 5-Actions Program offers an important, scientifically-based resource to all New Mexicans looking for an immediately available resource to help them evaluate, and if they so choose, to take action that can alter a pattern of substance use creating problems for them or their families,” said Behavioral Health Services Division Director Neal A. Bowen, PhD. “It also offers the potential of supplementing the efforts of therapists, emergency departments, and peers to accompany people undertaking the challenging path of change. We are pleased to offer this unique resource to all our neighbors in the state at no cost to them.”

The program comes at a critical time with COVID-19 increasing rates of substance use and overdose. An important benefit is that it can be accessed 24/7 from the safety of one’s home. It also helps address the significant gap in those who could benefit from an intervention, but are unable to access care.

The program offers learning and intervention tools specific to alcohol, opioid, and polysubstance use, as well as content that addresses the underlying drivers of addiction including adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and other co-occurring disorders. It also has tools for those wanting to help a loved one or friend struggling with addiction.

The 5-Actions Program™ comes with 24/7 phone support in partnership with the New Mexico Crisis and Access line. In addition, the Peer-to-Peer Warmline lets people talk with someone who has “been through it.” Another key benefit of the Program is that it can be used in combination with addiction medications to support and enhance treatment efforts.

“The 5-Actions Program™ couldn’t come at a better time as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to deepen the mental health crisis in our state,” says Wendy Linebrink-Allison, New Mexico Program Manager at ProtoCall. “The program provides COVID-specific resources and access to treatment at a time when stresses are incredibly high to help those struggling with addiction behaviors.”

In addition to resources for helping people understand their addictive behaviors and set change goals, the program includes features such as:

  • Over 100 videos (6+ hours) organized into learning modules
  • Self-help assessment tools to explore substance use and addictive behaviors 
  • COVID-specific resources for those struggling with addiction
  • Support for family members wanting to help a loved one or friend with addiction

The program can be accessed on most computers, tablets, and mobile friendly devices that have access to a high speed internet connection.

“The 5-Actions Program™ addresses all addictions, substance and behavioral, as a package of behavior”, says John Fitzgerald, PhD, LPC, CAS, and creator of the Program. “Most people who struggle with addiction suffer from multiple addictions. Intervening with one addiction while leaving others unaddressed, results in poor outcomes and high relapse rates. The 5-Actions Program™ encourages people to identify and address all addictions as a package of behavior.”

The program incorporates evidence-based theories of change, and encourages the use of healing relationships as the primary pathway to healing and wellness. 

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About The New Mexico Crisis and Access Line (NMCAL)
In partnership with the Behavioral Health Services Division, the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line has been in continuous operation since 2013, and is one of only a few statewide crisis lines in the County.  Operated by ProtoCall Services, with offices and staff in Albuquerque and across the country, NMCAL responds nearly 6,000 calls a month from New Mexicans. NMCAL also operates the Statewide Peer to Peer Warm Line staffed by Certified Peer Support Workers. NMCAL also provides the after hours access for Core Service Agencies across the State and partners with many others to provide unique solutions to enhance access to care for their clients and communities.  In April of 2020, NMCAL launched the first statewide mobile app “NMConnect” designed to provide one more way of accessing help when it’s needed most. 

About Digital Therapeutics Group LLC
Digital Therapeutics Group develops and implements state-of-the art digital health resources to address the significant gap in care for those struggling with addiction. The company employs content, design, and research experts to deliver innovative solutions directly to end-users through mutually collaborative partnerships.