PAC 8 ‘Meet The Farmers’ Video Features Raul Rodriguez Of El Guique

Raul Rodriguez, right, at Los Alamos Farmer’s Market. Courtesy photo

Raul Rodriguez checks his corn on his farm in El Quique. Courtesy photo


PAC 8 has completed the third “Meet the Farmers” video which features Raul Rodriguez and his farm in El Guique.

PAC 8 received a MainStreet grant to create three videos on local farmers who sell their produce at Los Alamos Farmers Market.

“I really enjoyed making these videos and getting to know the farmers,” PAC 8 Executive Director Jean Gindreau said. “I learned a lot, found new recipes and also discovered new foods like fresh tumeric and boar bacon.”

Gindreau hopes these videos will encourage more people to go to the market. The video series is called “Meet the Farmers” and will air on PAC 8 and YouTube. The third video may be found at this link: