Vote Christine Chandler For District 43 Representative


I strongly support Christine Chandler for re-election as our Representative for District 43.  I have known Christine for many years and have always been impressed by her dedication to public service, her ability to focus on and understand complex issues, and her willingness to listen to and consider arguments opposing her positions.

Christine has extensive experience dealing with county and state issues.  She served two terms on our county council, and, most importantly, has just finished her first term as our Representative.  Her knowledge of legislative procedures, her membership on important committees, and the network of legislators she has worked closely with will be invaluable in the difficult upcoming session.

Christine and her opponent disagree on several issues of great importance to me:

Climate – Christine supports the state’s efforts to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  Her opponent has stated he does not support any actions at the state level to reduce fossil fuel use.

Reproductive choice – Christine supports allowing women to make their own choices about their health care.  Her opponent opposes repealing the 1969 law which would criminalize abortion if Roe vs Wade were overturned.

Education – Christine supports using a small percentage of the interest on the Land Grant Permanent Fund to stabilize educational funding for our public schools.  Her opponent opposes this and argues that moving funding from public to private schools would improve our educational system.

The effect of Covid-19 on both health and the economy in New Mexico present great challenges for the next legislative session.  Christine Chandler is the best person to represent us in these difficult times.

Mark Jones
Los Alamos