NMG&F Advises Keeping Pet Indoors, Domestic Animals In Barn Or Shelter While Mountain Lion Remains Threat

NMG&F officers have been checking the area around the North Mesa Stables after recent attacks on animals believed to have been made by a mountain lion. Photo by Julian Wellbrook/Mountain Lion Foundation


The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is advising Los Alamos residents to brings pets inside and keep domestic animals in a barn or shelter because of attacks on animals believed to be made by a mountain lion at the North Mesa Stables.

NMG&F public information officer Tristana Bickford told the Los Alamos Reporter late Friday that Department personnel, including a houndsman, have been on site but were unable to track the animal down.

Bickford said anyone who sees a mountain lion near the stables or evidence of a fresh kill should call Los Alamos Police Department Dispatch, (505) 662-8222 so that they can notify NMDGF officers to respond.

County officials on Thursday urged residents to avoid trails in the area of the stables and to use caution and remain alert if out on any of the surrounding trails.

Mountain lions are also called cougars or pumas. For more information see: https://apnm.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/CougarSmartFlyer.pdf