Color Outside The Lines Exhibit Is At Fuller Lodge Through Nov. 14

‘Guadalupe Canyon Elements’ by Tom Shine is part of the latest exhibit, ‘Color Outside the Lines’ at Fuller Lodge Art Center. Courtesy photo

Pantone cards by members of the Santa Fe Book Arts Group are on display at Fuller Lodge Art Center. Courtesy photo

Waiting for the Ladybugs’ from Gloria Sharp’s ‘Color in Every Direction’ show at Fuller Lodge Art Center through Nov. 14. Courtesy photo


Through Nov. 14, Fuller Lodge Art Center will be displaying its latest exhibit, Color Outside the Lines. This show features the work of more than 20 artists local to Northern New Mexico. With a major focus on color, the gallery space is filled head-to-toe with vibrant pieces.

Along with Color Outside the Lines is an installation by members of the Santa Fe Book Arts Group. Started in 2017, this project was based off an idea originated by Emily Martin, a book artist from Iowa City. She was inspired by the Pantone Matching System, a method which was used to create a “universal color language”. Martin took traditional corporate pantone color cards that were used by the Pantone Matching System and distributed them to various artists. The artists turned these cards into artwork, then mailed them as postcards to each other and back to her. With Martin’s permission, the Santa Fe Book Arts group took this idea and expanded it to include more than 50 artists, who together created 200 postcards from the pantones. Every postcard was created as a pair- one for the collection and one for a randomly selected artist involved in the project. This collection of pantones was first shown in 2019 in the Axel Contemporary Van art studio. 

In the Art Center’s Portal Gallery is Gloria Sharp’s show Color in Every Direction. This show features a selection of Sharp’s Batik Collages. Sharp has been doing batik for many years and has evolved her style through experimentation and experience. In her own words, “Ukrainian Easter eggs were my early inspiration. Surrounded by the richly colored and beautifully crafted eggs that were a vivid part of my ethnic heritage, I was eager to apply the hot wax and bright dyes to fabric. I wanted to work on large images and chose to use natural linen and cotton fabric because they work happily with the dyes….The results were magical, and I was forever addicted to this delightful and unpredictable medium!”

The shows can be viewed at Fuller Lodge Art Center, 2132 Central Ave., Los Alamos. The Art Center is open Tuesday- Saturday, 10 a.m – 4 p.m.  If you have any questions about the exhibits, you can visit the Art Center’s website at or call them at (505) 662-1635.