Williams: Why I’m Voting For Aaron Walker

Democratic Candidate For
Los Alamos County Council

Aaron Walker has taken the unusual step of endorsing a candidate for County Council, but maybe that’s appropriate for an Independent. Why am I, as a major party candidate, endorsing someone outside my party? Because to me, being a Democrat isn’t about the color of your jersey: it’s about the ideals you hold.

Aaron talks about honesty and transparency, and I agree that these are vital to sound governance. To me, the most important trait of an elected official is a willingness to stick up for the powerless—after all, the powerful don’t need protection. In Los Alamos, you only need look at the disparate treatment of residential versus commercial property owners, to see how the county represents powerless versus powerful interests.

I think Aaron already understands a lot of the power dynamics of the county, from being chair of the Community Development Advisory Board. As I’ve observed on the campaign trail, that position has given him the necessary skepticism (for the movers and shakers of the county) to be a force for real change. Knowing the two people who’ve served as chair of CDAB, I can tell you that position prepares you for public service, in a way even Planning and Zoning doesn’t.

So I hope you’ll join me in voting for Aaron Walker. I believe he’s committed to positive reform of this county, and I look forward to serving with him over the coming years.