Reagor: Response To Letter To The Editor By Charles Strauss

Republican Candidate For
Los Alamos County Council

Editor’s note: Here is the letter Mr. Reagor is responding to:

Mr. Strauss misquotes everything in the article and then rebuts statements that are not said. The article in the Revolver states at about 2 million life-years are lost due to the Coronavirus.  They just use CDC data from a few weeks ago. Most of the victims have 5-10 years of life lost.  There are a tiny number of child victims with 72 years lost.  The authors just add up all the age categories using CDC data and get a total near 2 million.  It is very simple and compelling.  

Then they look at the public health effect of unemployment. Using CDC data on the effect of poverty on health they come up with a loss of 8 million life-years due to unemployment.  Far worse than the disease.  Basically, a hundred times as many people are harmed by the lockdown, and even a small harm per person leads to a larger total impact.

The final point that all the above source makes is that the lockdowns do not make a difference more that some tens of percent.  The costs are then far higher than the benefits.

There is nothing crazy or extreme about any of it. The Revolver article cites various CDC data sets that appear to match up, and cites a couple of other papers.  Just read that initial article.

Most of the quotes in my October oped are from World Health Organization personnel or from The Great Barrington Declaration, not from me.  The declaration has many thousands of prominent signers.  This local newspaper could just print the original declaration, it is only one page.  All those public health experts agree that the lockdowns are worse than the disease.  The original interviews and text are from people of great accomplishments and easy to verify.

My quote from the oped 6 months ago is only there because it is close to the concluding text of declaration and I was pleased to point out the similarity.

The references made to Pauli are irrelevant.

The whole point about the New Mexico lockdowns is the principle, best stated by Lincoln, of equal treatment under law.  The governor labels groups of people nonessential and then takes away their rights.  That taking of rights is the extreme part and plainly unAmerican.  It is up to the voters to retire those politicians and reclaim normal freedoms.