Land Solicitation Opens Today For Two Vacant Parcels On Trinity Drice East Of Los Alamos Medical Center


Officials in the Los Alamos County Community Development Department announced this morning that a solicitation has opened for purchase of two vacant, County-owned parcels on Trinity Drive. 

“These parcels were purchased by the County many years ago and the County is hoping to provide an opportunity for interested parties to develop the parcels in support of our established goals for the community,” said Paul Andrus, Community Development Director, “We are interested in selling 3661 and 3689 Trinity Drive, land located just east of the medical center.” 

These two vacant lots are currently zoned Public Land with appraised values that are based upon the parcels being rezoned as Mixed Use, which allows for commercial and residential uses as well as a combination of both.  

A pre-proposal meeting and site walk-through will be conducted for potential respondents at 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 23. Any respondents interested in proposing may attend the pre-proposal meeting and walk-through. 

For details related to the solicitation, visit to download documents and review map.