James Rickman Is An Experienced Leader With A Clear Vision For Los Alamos County


Dear Editor,                                                                                  \

Please join my husband and me in voting for James Rickman for County Council.  As a former County Councilor (1996-2000) and as a LANL retiree in Public Affairs, James is an experienced leader with a clear vision for Los Alamos County that focuses on maintaining, and improving upon, those characteristics that have drawn—and that keep—so many of us here.  James will work diligently to maintain the qualities of life that are so important to our community, both Los Alamos and White Rock.  These include considerate support of small business endeavors, protection of our treasured open and green spaces, innovative approaches to housing and employment, and thoughtful analysis of conflict and resolution.

James will do this through civil discourse with residents on matters that concern them, attentive study of the documents that come across his desk, and with an uncommon common-sense approach to problem-solving.  James is articulate, trustworthy, reasonable, and engaged.  He will serve us well.

In a year in which the national election has captured the headlines and the opportunities for local candidates to conduct typical campaigns are limited, please consider James Rickman for County Council.  Learn more about James and his vision for Los Alamos County at Vote4Rickman.com.

Linda Hull