I Support Rickman for Council

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my support for James Rickman, County Council candidate.

I have known James for most of my 30 years in Los Alamos and had the pleasure of supporting his previous successful run for County Council. We were co-workers in the Public Affairs Office at LANL during tumultuous times that included the Cerro Grande Fire, an espionage case that drew intense national attention, and a major discrimination lawsuit against the Lab. James was throughout a steady partner, able to sift through tons of information and make it accessible for the news media and public while always keeping his cool under tremendous pressure.

I know James is willing to give a listen to any Los Alamos citizen. If he doesn’t agree with you, he will explain his reasons why. He doesn’t BS. He can process multiple perspectives on an issue and work with others to find if not consensus at least a path forward. He would be a great partner to other Councilors.

James has Los Alamos County’s best interests at heart. He understands what makes this a great place to live and is committed to keeping those qualities intact as Los Alamos grows into the future.

Los Alamos will be well served with James on County Council. I encourage you to consider giving him your support when you vote this election.

John R. Gustafson