Why I Support Aaron Walker For County Council


I find it refreshing to have a non-partisan candidate, with the best interest of all residents in mind, running for a seat on our County Council. It’s time we say no thanks to more of the same and get “new blood” into our County Government.

Why do I support Aaron Walker? I’ve worked with Aaron on the Community Development Advisory Board since it’s inception and have been able to get to know him and his family. I have been impressed by his reasonable demeanor, his openness to learning about the diverse neighborhoods and challenges, and his willingness to ask solid and hard questions.  He wants to do what’s right for the community, beyond aesthetics, focusing on real health and safety issues vs how some people think my landscaping should look.

Aaron has an appreciation for and wants to understand and address the unique challenges of Los Alamos and White Rock, including small business challenges, housing/planning, and the challenges of having older homes. He understands that there are diverse incomes here and we need housing options for all.  He also understands the challenges of working with our County government structure, has been open and transparent with his thoughts and answers and is open to other’s point of view.

Aaron isn’t afraid of hard work and is definitely a problem solver. I think we have a few strong candidates that will bring a refreshing perspective and not more of the same. Aaron is one of these. Please join me in voting for Aaron Walker for County Council.

Andrea Pistone
Los Alamos