Re-Elect Representative Christine Chandler

Dear Editor,

I am writing  to urge my friends and fellow Los Alamos citizens to re-elect Rep. Christine Chandler for a second term! I have been impressed with what she has accomplished in her first two years as our State House Representative.

Chris advocated for keeping the Environment Department office in Los Alamos, which helped keep those jobs in our community. While serving on the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials committee, she has been a strong voice in urging that DOE is held accountable for legacy waste cleanup milestones. I have witnessed her in action at many public meetings and I know that resolving the ongoing environmental issues in Los Alamos is a priority for her, which will not only benefit our district, but the safety and health of surrounding communities as well.  

In addition, I fully support the progressive policies she has championed, such as the paid Family and Medical Leave Act in 2020. She believes in supporting the working families in our district. On a personal note, many of you know that I am a steward in the State Employees’ union CWA 7076, and Chris has always been supportive and helpful when I have reached out to her for assistance in that role.

Please make a plan to vote this election season, and be sure to vote for Christine Chandler!

Megan Green