State Lifts 2018 Boil Water Advisory For Hummingbird Music Camp In Jemez Springs


The New Mexico Environment Department’s (NMED) Drinking Water Bureau confirms that the Hummingbird Music Camp has met the requirements to lift the boil water advisory that was issued on Aug. 17, 2018.

Hummingbird Music Camp was required to issue the advisory after bacteriological contamination (E. coli) was confirmed in drinking water in the water system. The advisory only applied to users served by the Hummingbird Music Camp Water System and did not extend to any of the other surrounding water systems or communities.

The Drinking Water Bureau provided compliance oversight to the Hummingbird Music Camp Water System. Subsequent samples collected from the water system were negative for bacteriological contamination. NMED will require Hummingbird Music Camp Water System to complete an assessment of the water system and maintain a regular monitoring schedule to test the distribution system for the presence of total coliform and E. coli

More information about New Mexico’s boil water advisories in English and Spanish is available here. For more information about today’s announcement, please call Wayne Jeffs of the Drinking Water Bureau at 505-469-7457.